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      Elbe - near Mödlich
    In spring 2007 we went by motorcycle to the east of Germany and passed by the village of Mödlich. Here the Elbe is beautifull. We check in in the Alte Fischerkate the hotel restaurant near by. Good food and sheep beds ( .
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      Landscapes in spring
      Pan koolzaad 1
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      Elbe - Hanzestadt Tangermünde
    On the hilltop near the Elbe lies Tangermünde. The city was founded as a fortress. It was one of the first 'Hanzecities', a commenwealth of cities from Holland in to Russia. The trade between these cities gave also a culture exchange which you still can see when you look at the buildings. The city is now underpopulated and you can buy a cheap house here.
      Weser - Beverungen - Blankenau
    Going along the Weser you stop at the small village of Blankenau. At the Weserblick you find a good bed and from the windows you see the river floating by. We made a walk through the village and stopped at the house of artist Bina (see: ). She lives at the old railroadstation. The train stopped 20 years ago for the last time and has never been seen after. Bina makes wunderfull clothes from colourfull wool.
      Rhein near Wesel
    When Churchill, Eisenhower and Montgommery saw the allied troops sail into Germany they were sitting in the room at Hotel 'Wacht am Rhein'. You can rent this room and have a splendid view over the river Rhein. When we woke up at night, we could smell the smoke of Churchill's sigar!
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