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      2011/2012 - New years visit Stockholm
  Stockholm is one of the most beautifull city's of Europe. We spend five days just after Christmas to celebrate new year in this city. At 15:00 it already starts getting dark. The city changes in one big Christmastree with illuminated buildings and ferryboats on the water. Just fantastic.

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      2011 July - Pilane
  Contemporary art in an ancient cultural landscape - Sculpture at Pilane on the island of Tjörn is a great experience for everyone, young and old alike.

Pilane is one of the most beautifully situated historical sites in Sweden with some 90 judgment circles, raised stones and other stone circles dating from the Iron Age. The ancient remains are surrounded by a cultural landscape that traces back to the Stone Age. In Pilane the sheep graze freely as they have done for thousands of years and from the mountaintops you have a breathtaking view over the sea and the beautiful archipelago north of Gothenburg.

Sculpture at Pilane is an annual exhibition of contemporary sculpture by some of the world's leading artists. Participating artists 2011 are: Erwin Wurm (Austria), Eva Rothschild (Ireland), Tony Cragg (UK), Keith Edmier (USA), Lori Hersberger(Switzerland) and from Sweden: Klara Kristalova, Eric Langert, Kent Karlsson, Nils Ramhöj, Peter Tillberg and Leo Pettersson.

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      2011 Mai - Stockholm - Millennium Tour
  This holyday in Mai we spend in Stockholm. A flight direct from Eindhoven to Nyköping with Rayanair. It took only 1 hour 40 minutes to go there. We started with 2 Celsius and finished with 25! The Millennium Tour was a great experience. We've seen the Vasa, a ship which sunk on the maiden voyage in 1628.


      2006 Ystad - The town of Kurt Wallander
      22 July 2008 - Sculpturepark Pilane

      23 July 2008 - Lund
      24 July 2008 - Ystad
      24 July 2008 - Ales Stenar
      24 July 2008 - Kaseberga
      24 July 2008 - Loderup
      26 July 2008 - Helsingborg
      23 - 27 July Stockamöllan
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